Local SEO Is Your Business Ranking in Local Search

Why is local SEO so effective? In major markets like New York, local SEO is one of the most important internet marketing tools available to your company. Search result rankings are important, and local SEO practices can get you on the top of search. If your company is listed on the first page, then you are more likely to be seen by a prospective customer. If you are in the top three listings in search, then you have an incredible opportunity to grown your business exponentially.

What does it take to get listed at the top of search results? A good local SEO professional will start out by giving your company’s site a healthy blend of keywords that particularly pertain to your business and services. When your company’s website is designed, a local SEO firm should be employed to research the exact search terms needed. These are the words that searchers use to search for your business (and its competitors) on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing – and some may surprise you!

Those looking for a roofing materials company that sells shingles, decking board and sheathing would probably not use the correct industry terms when they search. Their search queries might simply be limited to “roofing companies in New York.” Or, a thorough study of terms might uncover large trends in even more ambiguous search terms, such as “tough sandpaper roof stuff” or “attic covering.” Your site should be written for your customers and potential customers, not industry experts. It takes a good local SEO firm to uncover the actual trends and write copy that is beneficial in both search and customer usage.

Local SEO is all about gaining the trust and attention of the large search engines. New algorithms are rolled out constantly, so a robust local SEO plan should be built with constant change in mind. This should include original, fresh and relevant content on your site. Content creation involves adding news to your blog on an ongoing, scheduled basis. Search engines index these posts and return your site in search as an expert in the business. Search engines are looking for originality here. If this material has been originated on another site, your site will be penalized for it. A local SEO company can thoroughly research the topics that need to be included and write content for your company on a weekly basis.

Another factor that leads to the electronic endorsement of search engines are backlinks. In the past, backlinks were heavily relied upon by search engines as validations for the site they were linking to. But, they got too much SPAM links this way, so they had to change the way they ranked sites. Although they more heavily rely upon the original content, search engines still look at those external backlinks to your site and determine whether or not they are SPAM links or legitimate.