Local SEO is Growing Will Your Company Grow With It

 Local SEO continues to emerge as an excellent tool for introducing customers to your business. Recent algorithm changes within Google and Yahoo search have only solidified local SEO prominence. A recent San Francisco Gate study showed three-quarters of smartphone users reaching for their phones to search for a local business. Local SEO is expected to continue to increase in dominance, and companies who skip the implementation of local SEO now will surely suffer in search results later.

The mobile market continues to expand, and although smartphone users are concentrated in urban areas such as San Francisco, New York and Dallas, smartphone usage is showing upward trends in more suburban areas as well. This growing number of smartphone users means that there will be more people searching for local products and services due to the geotargeting capabilities built into mobile devices. Tablet usage only increases the numbers, so is crucial for local SEO campaigns to grow along with the rising frequency of local search.

Local SEO gives businesses the ability to personalize a customer’s search experience by providing search results that are literally just steps away. Local SEO also gives your company the freedom to target a message locally, distributing to very highly qualified leads and providing the specific information they are seeking. Geotargeted results allow the customer to obtain information that is directly relevant to them in both content and location. This ability reinforces the customer’s feeling that they are connected to the environment around them – whether that environment is as small as a local coffee shop or as big as the San Francisco Bay Area.

The growing trend of local SEO as a marketing strategy cannot and should not be ignored. A recent study by BrightLocal.com showed 93 percent of local SEO companies expect their business to grow in 2013, which is up 11 percent from the previous year’s survey results. The local SEO industry is showing such a large percentage because businesses are recognizing the power of local search engine optimization to improve their margins. While customers are shopping, they are often browsing their smartphones for coupons, deals and the best local restaurants. Local SEO gives your company the tools needed to be discovered quickly and easily by your customers. If your business only focuses marketing efforts nationally, you may be missing out on a large and growing number of customers, as a local audience will likely be more enticed to work with you based solely on proximity.

A robust local SEO marketing strategy should include market research and provide post campaign analysis with measurable results. These local marketing campaigns build brand awareness, improve search engine results and increase sales. Local SEO is growing rapidly – it has to, in order to keep up with customer demand and the increasing number of smartphone users. Partnering with a local SEO firm can be an effective way to stay top-of-mind with your customers and not get lost in the shuffle of search. A local SEO firm can help you research keywords and closely monitor online reviews and listings, which are crucial aspects of growing your local SEO strategy. It’s likely that your business is serious about improving your marketing ROI and growing your customer base, so the growing trend of local SEO should be a part of your overall marketing strategy.